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Time and weather can wear down and blemish what was once an amazing masonry work. If your hardscaping looks old and beaten, give Freeman Masonry LLC a call today. We'll restore your masonry features and have your property looking better than the day you bought it. Ask about our maintenance options and learn how you can prevent future wear & tear.

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We go out of our way to blend in repair work so it's like it never happened.

Whether you are looking to add value to your home by adding a patio or fire pit, or are looking for licensed demolition experts to clear your property, put your trust in the hands of our professionals.

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  • Debris & lot clearing

  • Tuck pointing

  • Structural damage repair

  • Repair your retaining walls or bridges

  • Matching repairs

  • Revitalize your fireplace to look like new

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"This brick veneer retaining wall (images at the right) had structural damages.  The very large cracks that run horizontal and vertical had also moved approximately 4 inches out of plumb. The brick veneer was backed by solid concrete wall. The 8-inch concrete wall was in perfect shape. What the contractors who originally laid the brick veneer failed to do was to install corrugated wall ties with tap cons. These are set into the bed joints of the brickwork to keep the wall from pulling or settling from its structual wall. This, I believe and have seen several times, has got to do with contractors cutting corners. It's definitely not the price of the wall ties because they are very inexpensive. It had to do whether they forgot to order the material or they just didn't have enough or didn't want to have to run after any because of the inconvenience. This is why people who are choosing a contractor who's a low bidder sometimes has there reason. We don't like to bash other contractors, but we do believe in an honorable service that will pass any inspection or any engineer's approval service. We give you exactly what you pay for . Do you want just  a bandaid or do you want to have it fixed right at the start is the difference in the cost. If you have a Ferrari you're going to keep oil in it. That's what makes it last."


-Doug Freeman


Residential Brick Repair Project

Before you can build the new, you have to tear down the old. We're here to help ensure that you can build your dreams upon a solid, reliable foundation that will stand the test of time. We use the latest demolition equipment to perform explosive demolitions, demolish environmentally hazardous structures, and more for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

All you need is a blank canvas